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Beijing, China, 2016.7.31 - 2016.8.5
33rd International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors
    ICPS 2016

Brief introduction to ICPS 2016

ICPS 2016 continues a series of biennial conferences that began in the 1950's. The 33rd ICPS will be held in Beijing, China on July 31- August 5, 2016. ICPS is the premier meeting for reporting all aspects of semiconductor physics including electronic, structural, optical, magnetic and transport properties.

The conference will reflect the state of art in the semiconductor physics and will serve as a forum where scholars, researchers, and specialists can interact to discuss future research directions and technological advancements.


Thank you !

Thank you for coming to Beijing for participating in ICPS2016. The conference could not be made possible and completed without your great supports and contributions. See you in the next ICPS conference at Montpellier, France, in 2018.




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