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Beijing, China, 2016.7.31 - 2016.8.5
33rd International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors
    ICPS 2016


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The authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper for publication in the proceedings of ICPS 2016, which will be published by IOP.
IOP Conference Series

Scientific Topics

  • Material growth, structural properties and characterization, phonons
  • Wide-bandgap semiconductors
  • Narrow-bandgap semiconductors
  • Carbon: Nanotubes and Graphene
  • 2D Materials beyond Graphene
  • Organic Semiconductors
  • Topological states of matter, topological Insulators and Weyl semimetals
  • Transport in heterostructures
  • Quantum Hall effects
  • Spintronics and spin phenomena
  • Electron devices and applications
  • Optical properties, optoelectronics, solar cells
  • Quantum optics, nanophotonics
  • Quantum information
  • Other topics in semiconductor physics and devices
  • Special topic: Majorana fermions in solid state
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